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We have to get under the authority of Jesus Christ in order to have authority over the enemy. The reason why having power and authority is so important, is because you have to understand the enemy’s power. Yes, he has power, yes, he is strong, but the enemy does not have all power. I want to continue to remind you of this. For some of us, when things happen, and situations come about, sometimes immediately we jump to being scared and get trapped in fear. I’m here to tell you he does not have all power, but limited power and...

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Have you ever taken an extra few minutes out of your day to praise Him? I believe we all have a testimony, of just how great He is, how faithful He is, and how committed He is. How loving, how gracious, how merciful He is. Right now, you may be thinking about all that you’ve been through. All He has brought you through. I say Amen to that since we know He is worthy! God speaks into our minds and give us direction, reminding us of who we are in Him. Have you encouraged someone today to let them know...

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If we were to define mental health, it would outline a person’s conditions with regard to their psychological and emotional wellbeing. When we think about mental illness or mental disorders, it can be a wide range of conditions that affect your mood, behavior and thinking. God is concerned and understands and brings healing. Not only in your spirit, but also in your soul. God’s Word and your relationship with God effects your body, your soul, and your spirit. One more time: God’s Word penetrates your body, soul, and spirit.   If you're a person that is dealing with a mental condition...

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