Getting Under to Getting Over

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Getting Under to Getting Over

We have to get under the authority of Jesus Christ in order to have authority over the enemy. The reason why having power and authority is so important, is because you have to understand the enemy’s power. Yes, he has power, yes, he is strong, but the enemy does not have all power. I want to continue to remind you of this. For some of us, when things happen, and situations come about, sometimes immediately we jump to being scared and get trapped in fear. I’m here to tell you he does not have all power, but limited power and limited authority. How the enemy uses his power is through deception and temptation. He has no power over the believer.

YOU must know this: the enemy has no power over the believer.

Over the one who has confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The one who is connected and has the spirit of God dwelling on the inside of them. The enemy has no power over you – he cannot even possess you.

Say it to yourself: he has no authority over me! He has no power over me!

Now that doesn’t mean that he won’t try to convince you to do some things. He will try to deceive you into believing that you have no power. That’s why I want to tell you, you cannot keep using the excuse “the devil made me do it.” It’s a void statement because we know that he has no authority over us.

So, how to you protect yourself so you don’t open a gate that allows the enemy to invade your heart? To have legitimate authority (to have the power to say satan get thee behind me!) we must have legitimate authority that comes with us being submitted under Jesus Christ. One of the things we must know, think, and believe is that we are in a Kingdom. We must walk Kingdom-minded. Submit to His Lordship, and remember Jesus is the King. The King has the right to delegate authority, which is how we receive ours. But we must live submitted to the authority of King Jesus. That’s why we say He is our Lord and Savior. I understand many people don’t like that word: submission. They think it’s only about restraint, they think it prohibits them from living. That’s not what it is at all. Our entire relationship with Jesus is predicated with you accepting His authority in your life. The power that you are able to use, the supernatural things that will show up in your life all depends on you accepting Jesus as your Lord, as your King.

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