Soul-Care: Knowing How to Grab Your Rope

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Soul-Care: Knowing How to Grab Your Rope

If we were to define mental health, it would outline a person’s conditions with regard to their psychological and emotional wellbeing. When we think about mental illness or mental disorders, it can be a wide range of conditions that affect your mood, behavior and thinking. God is concerned and understands and brings healing. Not only in your spirit, but also in your soul. God’s Word and your relationship with God effects your body, your soul, and your spirit. One more time: God’s Word penetrates your body, soul, and spirit.  

If you're a person that is dealing with a mental condition – and, again, there’s a wide range of reasons why people have mental concerns – in your thinking and behavior, or with your emotions, this is what I say to you:

  1. I believe in getting help. If you have a broken arm, I’ll tell you to go to the doctor. So, I say to you today that if there is something going on mentally, do not be ashamed to ask for help. I believe God raises up good, effective Christian counselors that you can talk to. I believe that.
  2. God has answers in His Word. Let me say that again: God has answers in His Word. And yes, these answers effect your body, soul, and spirit!

Look at Psalm 42:1-11. If you're dealing with hopelessness, depression, anxiety, etc. - if you’re dealing with those types of things, you're not strange. The Word of God tell us that: You are not strange. You are not alone. You are not alien in the community of faith. Christians experience depression. We get discouraged. The concern is that you don’t stay that way. But, that you allow the ministry of the Holy Spirit to help you. Another concern is that you might misunderstand where God has you. That just because you're currently in that place, that it's where you're suppose to stay. Oh no - God wants to move you! So, let's take care of our souls.

I invite you to click here to watch my message titled, "Soul-Care: Knowing How to Grab Your Rope."

Let's give our souls some care.

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