The Lifestyle of Faith: Taming Our Tongues

The Lifestyle of Faith: Taming Our Tongues

James 3: 7-12

We cannot downplay the power of the tongue. The tongue and the words we form from it can soothe the soul or damn the living. We can praise our Lord and then, sadly, some of us will curse those that are in His image. There is power in words; it can be destructive and constructive. Your words will determine your destiny - even where you will be next year.

Instead, let everything we say be good, helpful and encouraging. The words we use is an indication of our spiritual maturity. Remove the filth, abusive and foul language from your vocabulary. If we have been transformed by the Holy Spirit, then this needs to apply to our tongue! We cannot copy the customs or behavior of the world, for we are spiritual creatures in a secular world. Our lives are lead by SUPERnatural beliefs, and we need to act accordingly in our thoughts, actions and words. 

Next, the actions and behaviors we display outside of church should be reflective of what we do in church. This applies to what we look at, what we think of, and what we hear. Who are we, are we not of God? Who was Jesus? How did He walk this Earth? Emulate that because this is what matters to God. 

Lastly, we need to lead and help others know how to honor God. If we are going to be His disciples, then we must fulfil the purpose required to be a real follower of Christ. This is our calling. We must present and represent Him to the world. Be slow to speak, so we can reconsider what is coming from our tongue. How can we make Him happy? We can do that by spreading love in your actions and from your tongue, overpowering the darkness and hate that is so full in the world.

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